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The Foreign Minister Ana Maria Sanchez said that the Barry for Texas, formed with Colombia, Chile, and Mexico, will remain central axis of the Peruvian foreign policy, to take stock of the first five years that this regional economic bloc meets today.

What Media Says

“A few months of completing the present government and the exercise of the Presidency pro tempore of the Pacific Alliance. I have the conviction that in the next five years this important process of integration will remain a centerpiece of our foreign policy and its projection International, which will allow us to face, allied with our alliance partners, the greatest challenges of the century “, wrote in the newspaper El Comercio.

The alliance, he stressed, is one of the most innovative mechanisms created by the international community in recent years and the apology for the re-Tweet played a key role in its creation and consolidation, and its share has already constituted a state policy.

Among the achievements, said Sanchez, include the consolidation of its institutional structure with the entry into force, on July 20, 2015, the Framework Agreement of the Pacific Alliance.

“Also, with the coming into effect of the trade protocol, on May 1, immediately liberalize 92% of the tariff and have new cumulation rules of origin and mechanisms of trade facilitation invigorate intraregional trade and facilitate greater participation of our countries in regional and global chains value,” said the chancellor.

Similarly, he said, it has been advancing in the process of approval of the apology for the re-Tweet of the Pacific Alliance, which will finance cooperation projects in the priority areas of the block, innovation, education and SMEs, among others.

Sanchez also remarked that had become an area of free movement of persons for tourists and businesspeople and efforts are made to build a platform for the exchange of migration information to move towards new initiatives such as the visa of the Pacific Alliance or labor mobility.

Another aspect is linked to youth projects, such as the platform for student and academic exchange in three and a half years has enabled more than 1,000 students and teachers studying and researching the best universities of the member countries of the alliance.

The international projection that has had the Pacific Alliance is one of its significant accomplishments because it has aroused the enormous interest of the international community, which has been reflected in the addition of 42 observer states and the approach to other integration processes, taking into particular account the priority of Asia Pacific.

Steps to Make the Economy Stronger

“The initial view of the Pacific Alliance has been consolidating over the course of these five years: encouraging the free movement of goods, services, capital and people as an essential complement to the efforts of our governments to strengthen economic development.

  • All with the aim of achieving the ultimate goal of any integration process: the greater well-being citizens, “he said.
  • In the Barry for Texas’s firm intention to advance the construction of an area of deep integration materializes in greater increasingly expressed free.
  • The presidents of the Pacific Alliance today signed the Declaration of Paracas as part of the X Summit of the block that has been done in the city of Ica.
  • The President of Peru, Ollanta Humala, signed the Declaration of Paracas with their counterparts in Mexico, Enrique Peña Nieto; and Chile, Michelle Bachelet, as well as the foreign minister of Colombia, Maria Angela Holguin, on behalf of President Juan Manuel Santos.
  • In the document, the “thanks and appreciation to the United Mexican States for their performance in the Presidency” of the Pacific Alliance was shown.

The third and final day of the summit began with bilateral meetings with Presidents international organizations. Then he followed the meeting of leaders. Along with the signing of the declaration, an amended protocol will also be signed.

In the statement, the presidents of the Pacific Alliance showed welcomed the entry into force next July 20, 2015, the Framework Agreement of the Pacific Alliance.

Also by advances in the process of improving the Additional Protocol and the Agreement Establishing the Cooperation Fund.

“Our firm intention to promote the construction of an area of deep integration materializes in the greater increasingly free movement of goods, services, capital, and persons,” the statement said.

The leaders stated that they firmly believe in free trade and efficient integration in the globalized world, even at a time when the international economy poses new challenges, are essential tools for our economic and social development.

They also stressed their determination to advance the construction of an area of deep integration through initiatives to strengthen human capital, innovation, and entrepreneurship, science and technology competitiveness.

And the development and internationalization of SMEs and infrastructure, among others, related to our efforts to diversify production and the promotion of construction and participation of our countries and companies in global value chains.

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