Conservative Values

Barry is proud to be an American, and a Texan, living under the freedoms and rights guaranteed by the US Constitution and Bill of Rights and Texas Constitution and laws. The United States is sovereign and exists “for the people, and by the people.”  As Attorney General, Barry will use his conservative values and experiences to uphold the constitution and laws of the United States and Texas.

Prioritizing Border Security

One of Barry’s top priorities as Attorney General will be prioritizing border security.  The federal government has failed to enforce immigration laws and secure the Texas border resulting in decreased job opportunities for Americans, increased crime, and higher taxes for Texas families.  Barry has plans to utilize the resources of the Office of the Attorney General to assist local district attorneys and law enforcement officers to prosecute crime along the border.  Terrorists, drug, sex and human traffickers need to know that if you come to Texas illegally and commit a crime – you WILL be put in jail.

Small Government

Barry will protect Texas jobs by fighting against the federal government and standing up to President Barack Obama. He sued Obama’s EPA seven times, and as Attorney General, he will continue the fight against Obama’s job-killing policies to protect jobs and energy for our families and for future generations of Texans.  Other candidates talk about fighting the federal government; Barry is the only candidate in the race for Attorney General who has actually fought the Obama administration.

Regulation of Private Businesses

As Attorney General, Barry will fight against over-burdensome government regulation on private businesses. Barry applied this same limited government philosophy in his work on the Texas Railroad Commission, and it resulted in the issuance of a record level of drilling permits and a dramatic increase in Texas jobs.  Barry is the only candidate in the race with executive leadership experience having led the Public Utilities Commission as Chairman for over four years and serving as Chairman of the Railroad Commission.

2nd Amendment Rights

Barry is an unwavering defender of the 2nd Amendment.  As a hunter, gun owner, and only CHL holder in the race for Attorney General, Barry personally exercises the precious right to bear arms and will use the powers of the Office of the Attorney General to defend and strengthen this right in Texas.

American Energy Independence

Barry will always be driven by the goal of American energy independence led by Texas. He knows a strong Texas means a safer America. By using advanced drilling techniques, America can reduce the need to purchase oil from radical regimes that hate America.


I believe the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) is unconstitutional and as the next Attorney General I will do everything in my power to have that law repealed. President Obama’s unilateral actions to delay implementation and grant certain entities exemptions makes clear that the law isn’t and won’t work. The portions of the law that have been implemented have caused millions to lose policies and premiums for others to skyrocket. We need a full repeal of Obamacare and market driven solutions that get government out of healthcare and allow patients and doctors to make important medical decisions. I will fight for a full repeal of Obamacare.

Family Values 

Barry believes in the strength and autonomy of the family. He and his wife have been married for 27 years and have four wonderful children. As a member of Texas Home School Coalition and a past home school dad he knows that parents, not the government, are the best role models and teachers for their children. Parents should always have the freedom to choose how their children are educated. As the next Attorney General, Barry will always fight for the freedom for parents to home school their children.  Barry also adamantly opposes CSCOPE/Common Core federal education mandates and will do everything in his power as Attorney General to uphold Texas laws restricting the use of that curriculum.

Supporting Life

Barry Smitherman is an unwavering supporter of life and takes every opportunity to passionately speak in support of life.  Barry is the only candidate in the race for Attorney General endorsed by both Texas Right to Life and Texas Alliance for Life.  On March 2, 2013, Barry spoke to the Texas State Republican Executive Committee about why it’s so important for our federal and state governments to protect life.  You can view the text of that speech by clicking here.