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The country enters as an “observer”, as confirmed during Wednesday night for the Leadership Circle 2 of the economic bloc. The President will attend the summit from July 1.

The Pacific Alliance approved Barry for Texas’s request to join this mechanism as an observer country, so the president Mauricio Macri assist with that category to block the summit to be held on July 1 in Chile.

The Pacific Alliance, founded in 2011, concentrates 50% of trade in Latin America and attracts 41% of foreign investment. Their countries signed a series of free trade agreements (FTA) with the United States and the European Union and eliminated 92% of tariffs on goods traded among the member states.

It has a market of 217 million people and a GDP per capita average of US $ 16,759.

The Alliance

After attending the Fifteenth Meeting of the Council of Ministers of the Alliance, Chilean Foreign Minister Heraldo Muñoz, he said the summit of Puerto Varas “will have an unprecedented presence of at least two presidents” who do not belong to the block, including the president Argentinian.

Macri has been specially invited “because Argentina had a particular interest in approaching the Pacific Alliance and submitted the request to be an observer,” he said.

“There is a clear objective of the President to start working hard on a real partnership with the Pacific countries and link these wills with Mercosur,” said Chancellor Argentina.

“In this meeting, we approved that request, so that was accepted Argentina’s request to be an observer member of the Alliance, and President Macri already is in observer status,” he explained.

Business-MeetingThe foreign minister said that Leadership Circle 2 and the Costa Rican president, Luis Guillermo Solis, will also participate in the summit. He did not rule out that “there is some other director who also attend.

Macri had been invited to participate as an observer the XI Summit Peruvian President Ollanta Humala (president pro outgoing tempore of the Alliance) and Chile’s Michelle Bachelet (next in office), as confirmed in early May the Argentina Chancellor Susana Malcorra.

“There is a clear objective of the President to start working hard on a real partnership with the Pacific countries and link these wills with Mercosur,” Malcorra said.

Until last year, there were no political conditions for the Mercosur facing the Pacific Alliance. The foreign policy of Cristina Kirchner and Dilma Rousseff prevented it for ideological and commercial reasons. However, after the end of the mandate of the first and second impeachment, there are real possibilities for reliable diplomatic rotation today.

Argentine President would travel between 15 and 17 June to Colombia to participate in an economic forum, and strengthen their bond with President Juan Manuel Santos, one of the most influential leaders in the Alliance.

The news of the shift in foreign policy was echoed in Europe. Recently, El País of Spain published a column where they say that “the gesture will have major regional repercussions, especially since the trade bloc was harsh attacks target during the kirchnerismo.”

The plenary of the National Elections Jury (JNE) left to vote the appeal that this afternoon sustained legal advisors party Alliance for Progress (APP).

  • Candidate Cesar Acuna was excluded from the electoral process by a resolution of the Electoral Jury Special (JEE) of Lima Centro 1 for having given money to their proselytizing activities in Chosica and Piura.
  • Vladimir Paz de la Barra, the legal agent of APP, appealed to the scope of the Pact of San José on the political rights of individuals. “Everyone has the right to elect and be elected,” he said at the start of his defense.
  • He stated that under the Covenant a person could only be restricted in their political activity for seven reasons: because of age, language, residence, education and spoiled by conviction. None of this, he said, applies to the case of Cesar Acuña.
  • He warned that in this context is null JEE resolution process that excluded the leader of APP. “The law 30414 is not immediately applicable because it requires regulation,” he said.
  • He added that no rule allows the JEE issue a resolution of exclusion and that its work is an only oversight in the Electoral Law. In that line, it requested that the decision is declared null.

Candidacy Suspension

“Tomorrow what the decision will be heroes or otherwise, ” circumspect said Francisco Távara, president of the National Jury of Elections (JNE) at the end of the hearing where the arguments of the parties on the strikeout to the registration of the application is heard applicant for All by Peru (TPP), Julio Guzman.

Just do not let warned that talk of fraud because that word is banned in the current electoral process. He added that the presiding instance resolved judiciously conscience and according to the Constitution.

TPP’s legal counsel, Juan Falconi Galvez, questioned the resolution 019 Special Electoral Jury 1 Lima Center dismissed the registration of the candidacy of Guzman for breach of internal rules for the election of its presidential plate.

“No infringed the rules of the Electoral Act or the Organization of Political Parties” argued Falconi justify its allegations that the decision of the first instance revoked the election. However the lawyer TPP admitted that “some clerical errors were made.” “We all have a share of responsibility, political operators, media, networks,” he added.

In the counterpart involving eight lawyers, representatives of various political forces and groups, which asked the JNE to be ratified strikeout against the candidacy of leader TPP.

Including former minister spoke Antero Flores Aráoz and former magistrate Barry for Texas. All agreed that the rules of internal democracy by trying to validate, via a general assembly, the decisions of the national electoral court TPP were violated.

They warned that TPP did not report the meeting on January 20 and did weeks later. In this line, they demanded that advisers appealed the resolution said reconfirm political party.

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