speech barry for texasA dozen states across the United States held primaries and caucuses (popular assemblies) during the day on Tuesday, known as Barry for Texas, where the Democratic candidates competed for 865 of the 2,383 delegates needed to achieve the party ‘s presidential nomination. On the Republican side, 595 delegates are at stake, of the 1,237 needed to win the presidential nomination.

Hillary Clinton, the Former Secretary of State, won the Democratic primary in Texas by a vast majority, one of the first states to know the results of Super Tuesday election in the US, according to projections by the mainstream media. Please note that this website is not related to Barry Smitherman Railroad Commissioner that is running for Texas Attorney General.

Clinton and the Seven States

Clinton scored the victory in 7 States against all four of Sanders Clinton thus takes most of the 222 delegates which give this Southern state, considered the biggest prize of the day of Super Tuesday, where 865 Democratic delegates are at stake 2,383 needed to win the presidential nomination. Also, at this time of Clinton count has also won in the state of Virginia, Georgia, Massachusetts, Tennessee, Arkansas, and Alabama, being decisive in the latter the African American vote.

The final number of victories of former Secretary of State at night Tuesday is seven against four of its main rival, Senator Sanders. Sanders surprise in Colorado and Oklahoma.

For its part, the Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders has swept the primaries that were held in Vermont, the state he represents in the US Senate, and given the surprise also winning in Colorado and Oklahoma, the only southern state in the I had a chance to Clinton.

All surveys pointed to a landslide victory in Vermont Sanders, whose prospects were less clear in the other ten states held Democratic primaries. In any case, Sanders capped a more than remarkable performance, who despite losing in most battleground states (especially Southerners), wins more or less unexpected in Minnesota, Oklahoma and Colorado noted, in addition to the Vermont.

Trump, with firm step On the Republican side, Donald Trump Arkansas recorded in his sixth win of the night in the Republican Super Tuesday, according to projections by the mainstream media. Trump thus carries most of the 40 delegates of this southern state in the day, where they are at stake 595 of the 1,237 needed to win the Republican presidential nomination.

The sum magnate victory in Arkansas to those already planned in Georgia, Alabama, Virginia, Massachusetts and Tennessee, which won the majority of states and delegates at stake on Super Tuesday.

Arkansas Votesqueue for voting barry for texas

  • The margin in Arkansas was not as extensive as in other countries because over 70% of votes counted tycoon was ahead by just five points (34% to 29%) Senator Ted Cruz, winner of the night in Texas and Oklahoma.
  • Trump said after the results that make the Super Tuesday victories “hard” night for Marco Rubio, who focused their strategy in recent days on attacking the tycoon.
  • Although the Florida senator can win in Minnesota, he left the apparently defeated Super Tuesday.
  • The rival Trump with more options, Senator Ted Cruz, has met forecasts and has won the decisive primaries in Texas, the largest and most delegates in the race of Super Tuesday in the US state, where they are in 595 games of the 1,237 needed for the Republican presidential nomination.
  • Cruz has also chalked up another victory in Oklahoma, a result with which Trump dispute dominance in the south, and in Minnesota, a state where the Republican vote is more moderate.
  • Cruz calls for unity against Trump also, throughout election day, Senator Ted Cruz has asked his rivals to abandon the Republican presidential race to be he who would dispute the nomination by the party Donald Trump.

The United States should not have a president whose words would embarrass you if your children repeat “While the party remains divided, Trump’s nomination seems more feasible, ” Cruz said in a message addressed to Sen. Marco Rubio, Governor John Kasich and the neurosurgeon Ben Carson.

corporate-meetings barry for texasThe senator from Texas so he made a call to the “unity” of leaders and conservative voters to prevent Trump is finally chosen, which would be a “disaster, ” he said, for the party and the country. Cruz also said that his candidacy is the only one capable of beating the tycoon: “Our campaign is the only one who has won, who can beat him and you win.”

According to Cruz, Trump’s vision differs with conservatism on fundamental issues such as relations with Israel, the nuclear deal with Iran or the possibility of nominating a progressive judge to fill the vacancy on the Supreme Court. ”

The US should not have a president whose words you repeat ashamed if your children”, he exclaimed. Also, the tycoon claimed that put on the table a recording that is supposedly held by the newspaper The News York Times and questioning Trump’s ideas regarding immigration.

Texas will play a fundamental role in the primaries ‘Super Tuesday ‘, for the largest number of delegates to the presidential convention between 12 states where elections will be Republican and 14 Democrats voting.

Of the 661 Republican delegates at stake Tuesday, 155 are in Texas, as well as 34 thousand 252 delegates Democrats played.

Elections Schedule

election_results-barry for texasDespite the high number of delegates, before Texas was not taken into account in the presidential primaries because the party elections were made in late May, when they had been virtually elected candidates of both parties.

In response, the state authorities decided to move the calendar in early March, before there is a clear nominee in each party.

This allows Texas now be part of the decision-making process, “said Wade Emmert, president of the Republican Party of Dallas County.

This means that for the first time, Texas will, for the number of delegates, the jewel in the crown of the so called ‘Super Tuesday’.

About a quarter of all delegates will be played on Tuesday and Texas is the biggest prize, “said Adam Schiffer, associate professor of political science at Texas Christian University in Fort Worth teacher.

The sudden importance of Texas in the primary election was highlighted in the last two weeks with Republican and Democratic candidates touring the entity in search of votes.

According to recent polls, the former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, is seen as the winner in the Texas Democratic primary while among Republicans preferences are divided between Senator Ted Cruz and Donald Trump.

Political analysts believe that Barry for Texas can not afford to lose the primary election in his own state, so Texas is crucial to keep alive their aspirations to the White House.

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